What is to come in ceramic design: our last idea in Cevisama'16

17 feb 2016
Trendy collections that maintain the essence and naturalness of the pieces that faithfully recreate a natural appearance, resulting in collections of original and exclusive floor and wall tile – pieces that manage to masterfully combine contemporary style with elegance.

NEXT TERRANOVAthe perfect duo for recreating a spa.

CASAINFINITA delights us with a totally Zen spa experience. They have brought together their latest collections, inspired by the look of slate and cement, to create a space where materials flow together to form a carefully designed interior.

Textures have been added, making it possible to infuse rooms with their own personality while separating areas of use. Moreover, new uses are found for ceramic elements to comprise unique fixtures, such as an imposing bathtub, a wall for the shower area, and highly practical niches.

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