The latest in ceramic tiles: new keys to design with CASAINFINITA

10 oct 2016
Large rectified formats, relief textures, contrasts between sober colours and striking ones: these are the keys to the latest trends in ceramic tiles.

Tile manufacturer CASAINFINITA took these as its premises in the design of its latest indoor tiles for the coming season, ideas that we describe in detail to reveal the 4 decorative keys to transforming your living spaces into unique settings:

  • An all-round neutral look

The ON collection is designed to create neutral spaces with a dynamic touch, thanks to the various relief tiles it features.

  • An inspiring balance:

With its lightweight body and strong use of texture, Terranova is conceived to create sensory surfaces that invite you to run your fingers across them.

  • Industrial revolution

The Leeds collection embodies all the metal used in the industrial revolution, with designs and patterns that evoke the style of that bygone era. Now also available in large-format wall tiles.

  • Timeless minimalism

Aspen reflects a minimalist style that transmits all the calm of the most peaceful settings with large format ceramic wall tiles designed for contemporary spaces.  


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