Casa Masi, a play of contrasts

22 jun 2021
Contrasts make life more interesting. And at Casa Masi, a project by Keraben Grupo and Bolero Estudio, contrasts are the key to making it special.

Contrasts bring a great deal of value to a space. Using contrasts not only helps to dispel monotony or dullness from a room, making it more interesting and striking, but also gives it a unique personality. Indeed, when there is no kind of impact in a room, it is often unmemorable. And there can be no doubt that what is memorable is always etched onto the retina.

Contrast is king at Casa Masi, an elegant and refined house located in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Casa Masi, a spectacular duplex penthouse of 160 m2, has been painstakingly brought to fruition by Keraben Grupo and Bolero Estudio, featuring the essence and values of both companies in a common purpose: to create a cosmopolitan space.

Bolero, the design studio entrusted with making this project a reality, wanted to imbue the space with a striking contrast not only to make it more attractive but, most importantly, to make it unique and unforgettable. It is for this reason that the elements used were key to creating this impact.

First came the Rovere Termocotto wood. The reason for using this wood, rather than any other, is due to a simple precept: depth. This material manages to provide a sense of gravitas, especially in the kitchen, where the spacious, functional ambience also houses a storage area with cabinets that create an elegant continuity.


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