UNE Farmacia, innovation and quality in a single space

26 ago 2021
The fact that something is local and familiar does not mean it can’t be bold. UNE Farmacia is one of Grupo Keraben’s most recent projects, and amply demonstrates that this is possible.

Can a pharmacy be bold and innovative? It most certainly can. UNE Farmacia, one of the most recent projects of Keraben Grupo and Destudio Arquitectura, is the living proof that an establishment dedicated to health does not have to be dull or dreary. Quite the opposite, in fact.

The fact is that if there is one thing that characterizes this unusual pharmacy it is its space, as warm and welcoming as it is convenient and aesthetically attractive. In addition, customers’  trust and confidence is achieved thanks to its airy, open-plan spaces with plenty of natural light and minimal architectural barriers.

A project with these specifications needs some very specific materials, given that otherwise it would not be possible to achieve the desired effect. Hence the core structure of UNE Farmacia was based on glass and black lacquered iron, combined with wood and exposed concrete. Overall, these materials were used to configure an area of 164 m2 in which purity, cleanliness and harmony are the main characteristics.

The flooring was sourced from the Solid collection from IberoCasainfinita in Beige, with a tile format of 90x90, which embodies all the characteristics of cement and the austerity of industrial style. However, the softness of its design makes this a versatile and elegant proposition, blending perfectly with any kind of decorative style.


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