Because at CASAINFINITA, the difference is patently obvious.

We undertake to offer you an endless variety of colours, relief patterns, textures and fnishes, ensuring infnite alternatives.

We undertake to be creative, self-exacting, subtle, bold, inventive and idealistic in each and every one of the tiles that we design for you.

We undertake to travel in search of the latest trends and fnest natural materials regardless of distances and borders.

We undertake to suggest different ways of laying our products, helping you to design settings that are truly unique.


Earth, water and fre: elements that play a fundamental role in manufacturing ceramic tiles and the raison d’être of our commitment to the planet

We undertake to reclaim and re-use all the water used to manufacture all our tiles.

We undertake to control and minimize all CO2 atmospheric gas emissions.

We undertake to recycle and reclaim materials so as to help conserve natural resources

We undertake to use 100% recyclable packaging.


Because all our work revolves around you.

We undertake to select the fnest raw materials and to use cutting-edge technologies so as to ensure truly excellent products.

We undertake to introduce work methods that optimize the quality of our products, thus guaranteeing total customer satisfaction.

We undertake to assess and analyse your opinions so as to make ongoing improvements.

We undertake to do everything in our power to comply with the deadlines and commitments that we make with you.

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